Friday, 20 February 2015


Lost in Translation    

We are all immigrants really in some shape or form, seriously if you think about your great great great family members great aunts, uncles, grannies, granddads.  Where in the many many centuries ago did your relatives originate from?? Good Question huh?

If your Caucasian and you live in Africa the continent of Africa is really not your ancestral native land.  If your African and live in the United Kingdom or South America your native ancestral land is really not these continents.  The same goes for South Americans, The Asian Communities who live around the world, The Greek Nation who have lived on other continents for centuries etc.  If we be logic about the real meaning of immigrant, immigration and we look back at our ancestral heritage we really are all immigrants living somewhere else, living life and doing the best we can do to belong.  Just some food for thought

Moving home and changing your life as you know it. Such as new employment, new school, moving provinces or even countries is and can be a daunting task.  It is a huge stressor and can take a toll on your health, your relationships and your overall psyche.  You can become overwhelmed as you feel as I like to call it   "Lost In Translation"!

This blog is about being an immigrant of todays standards.   And how oftentimes I still after 13 years feel lost in translation and not quite at home.  Please remember these are my personal experiences and opinions but I hope that many other immigrants will feel some sort of solace or encouragement to keep on going. And remember your not alone on this immigrant journey.