Saturday, 25 May 2013


From mundane workout to absolutely insane
Sweat Fests  
Ready       Set        Go !   
Cross Fit, Insanity, Interval Training re-invented 
has hit the fitness world 
" WAM BAM"!  

(Buff Betty Bootcamp Workout at the end)    

From sweaty, breathless, fat blasting, strength building WOD(workouts of the day).  There is a new/re-invented exercise phenomenon engulfing the world of fitness and most definitely the new workout kid on the block.  

Now you either are nodding your head in agreement or thinking what the heck is Paula C talking about.  WOD is a "tidy sweat fest business" and I encourage you to have a go - if you dare!

From jump chins, burpees, froggers, pushup's and more the body will enter into a Sweaty Betty euphoria of absolute fat blasting,  extreme and insane workout brilliance. Yes, you may want to vomit at the end BUT this is good! "I think"

I AM IN LOVE!! with my new sweat fest journey..
P.S keep reading cause there is a sweat journey at the end!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Diamonds - Second Largest Gem Found 2015


Fact:  "Adamas"  Greek for unconquerable and indestructable, it is the word from which "Diamond" arose!  

Fact:  Diamonds are known as the hardest natural substance found on earth (hence indestructable).  Mined mainly in Africa, Russia, Australia and Canada.  

Fact:  This beautiful,  enthralling gem is carried from deep beneath the earths surface by volcanic eruptions.   Diamonds are known as the gem of pressure and heat. ("mmmm sounds like the beginning of a love story")

Fact:  The largest Diamond found was known as the Cullinan at 3106 carats.

Fact:  Diamonds are valued by their clarity, carat, colour and cut. (the 4 C's)

Fact:  The "Month of April" babies your birthstone is yes a Diamond! (wish I was born in April!!)

Fact:  It is estimated that 92 percent of the world's diamonds are cut and polished in Surat, an industrial city in western India.  Creating 500,000 jobs in the city.  (Times of India Report - from article by Sakina Sadat Hussain,

Diamond   she is wanted by both men and women!.  She is indestructable, invincible, enthralling, beautiful, appealing, precious, endearing, enticing, exciting, breathtaking and most often linked to love.  

Too me she is the most fascinating mining commodity found on earth.  Gold is Gold, Coal is Coal BUT Diamonds, they come in all sizes, shapes, colours and clarity and amaze, excite and enthral those that lay their eyes on both rough and cut.   

Hold her in your hand and she will lure your heart, make your eye's gleam with delight, take your breathe away and most certainly make you smile. Diamonds,  mother nature's gift  and a much sought after and popular gem. 

Rings, necklaces, watches, brooches, earings, bracelets, diamond studs on teeth, pens, GOSH I am sure you could think of more items to add.  Diamonds are no longer just a girls Best Friend they are also a man's Best Friend (how else does he seal his love with the girl?).

Diamonds are linked to many types of love stories even at 11 years of age.  A young Swedish boy  on a family outing to Amsterdam in the early 1970's had taken all his pocket money he had saved and invested in a sparkly precious stone called a "diamond".  To him this was the best investment with his savings and not too certain what he was going to do with this indestructible commodity.  Little did he know that his pocket money investment would later seal his personal love story at the age of 26 for the rest of his life. 

Diamonds they are LOVE in every facet!

Till next time remember all of earths brilliance is a "tidy business"

Paula C

twitter;  Paula C @tidybusiness

*  Fact Information -  found through google research.

(Information found online through google research, Photo Credit - Lucara Diamond Corp)

After the Discovery of the ever famous Cullinan Diamond which was a whopping 3 000 plus carats, Diamonds and a small mine in Botswana have made history and created a whole new historical love story the world will be watching closely.   The Second Largest Diamond has shown its pretty little face this week!  At just over 1 000 carats we can only be in absolute awe and be reminded just how remarkable our big blue planet really is!   Visit:  BBC, CNN, BNN, Lucara Diamond Corp website to find out more...

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Gluten Free Living

this is my question!

I recently began my journey on a gluten free diet.  I am not suffering from some of the debilitating diseases affected by eating gluten such as Celiac Disease but I do know that I suffer from food allergies especially to wheat.  Do I sense some nodding heads as you read this?

What is Gluten;  protein found in grains such as wheat, barley, rye and triticale (a cross between wheat and rye).

Gluten causes inflammation in the small intestines especially with people whom suffer from Celiac Disease.  So what symptons did I suffer from?  I found my energy levels to be low especially after eating a food that contained gluten (bread, cereal), poor digestion, bloated belly and sometimes even headaches.

I have known for a long time that gluten is a food allergen and not all humans are allergy free from this protein critter.

When I first began my gluten free journey,  I was pleasantly surprised at how many foods were available that did not contain gluten.  And although I was making a food lifestyle change I knew this was going to take some getting used to and may at times feel food deprived.  Eating out certainly became a bit of a dilemma, no more pasta for me (unless they offer a gluten free menu).  Breakfast on a sunday at Milestones oh yum!! would involve me taking more care in my food choices that were available (Milestones do offer a gluten free menu lucky for me!!). 

But like any new habit or lifestyle choice I always say START SLOW "SLOW AND STEADY ALWAYS WINS THE RACE - BETTER STICKING POWER" long term!.

With this new food adventure that I have embarked on,  I found that I had to re-look at what purchases went into the grocery cart, explore the grocery store through different eyes and eating fresh seemed best. I started noting that most packaged foods i.e cereals, crackers, bread, cookies, energy bars will state Gluten Free on their packaging, oh fantastic!! BUT again more importantly I realized that (note to self) FRESH FOOD is THE BEST FOOD. 

8+ servings of different fruits and vegetables every day, 2-3 servings protein, 3+ servings carbohydrate (fibre is key).  Shop the outside aisles first and then make your way through to the inside aisles to pre-packaged goods.  

I am sure your next question is "So what changes did you feel physically"?   this is an important question it is why we make a food lifestyle change, correct!   ENERGY, yes I felt a huge change in my overall daily energy levels.  No more morning or mid afternoon slumps after having a complex carbohydrate or energy meal replacement bar, bloated belly gone, allergy headaches gone...(although I do sometimes stray and pay for it after)

The internet is a superb source to answer all your questions pertaining to a gluten free diet.  I highly recommend it to individuals who find that they suffer from energy slumps after eating wheat, derivatives thereof or suffer from poor digestion.  Give it a go, your health and well being is key and you have nothing to loose.

Till next time, Remember Your Health is a "Tidy Business"!!

Paula C

Should you decide to embark on a gluten free diet please do share your journey, I would love to hear your experiences.