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The First South African Female Pilot -

If your looking for an easy, enjoyable, entertaining read this summer then this book I highly recommend.

If you have read my previous blogs you will know that I am an avid biography/memoir reader and it stems from being intrigued with other peoples lives, who they are, where they came from, their family good AND BAD!! and family photos are a must,  what they have learnt in life, what I can learn from what they have to share.  

This is why I am a huge fan of Oprah and the OWN Network where she interviews interesting people such as Condelezza Rice,  Sidney Pointier,  Maya Angelou, Jane Fonda, Jay Z,  Pharell Williams gosh the list goes on and on.   Oprah always finds an intriguing story to share.

Oprah says everyone has a story and Kucki Low; all 5 feet of her sure has a story I think you will LOVE.  Kucki in real life (yes I know this wonderful person for real) is such a loving character,  an avid yoga follower with a great sense of humour and lover of life,  you cannot help but feel intrigued to know just how this persons life had unfolded.

Kucki Low an interesting name isn't it (Cookie is how you pronounce her name) was the first female commercial pilot in Southern Africa during the 1970's.  "I have to express my wonder and joy at this knowledge.  She achieved an unforeseen goal at a time when women were often not taken too seriously.  Born in Austria and as an immigrant to Southern Africa found a passion for flying she never knew till that very first exhilarating flight.  Magic!! 

Kucki says "most of us have more than one passion,   (I have to agree with her on this kinda sounds like me)  we can be passionate about different things at different stages of our lives."  She says - "It is what we do with that passion that determines the degree of fulfillment and happiness we feel in our lives." What I have personally learned over the years of my life to-date is your passion does not have to become your vocation but passion is the driving force behind your achievements and as Kucki says life fulfillment! 

Back to Kucki and her story;  Having had a difficult relationship with her parents during her younger years of her life,  to mending the gap and sharing touching moments with her mother in her teen years,  you will love the intriguing and fun stories Kucki has to share.  She falls in love with flying, in love with a man and in love with Canada.  

Not only is her life journey interesting and worth a read,  she shares her family history, family photographs (my favourite) and history of a time and place we/I knew nothing about (intriguing). She provides us the opportunity to share in her excitement about her new adventures on a South West African farm to her relationship with her brother Axel,  working in her fathers photography store, making her way back to Europe,  Kucki leads you along an interesting life story path with twists and turns and emotional ups and downs I guarantee you cannot resist to know!

Unhappiness reigned in her life from a young age and I loved the sharing knowledge of "we are responsible for our own happiness and that once you realize this it is truly freeing!"

My understanding of this character Kucki Low was that she was an intense little creature with deep emotions and a need to belong.  I hope you too will find a connection with Kucki and her life as I did. Today I think she feels like she belongs and with a comforting, mentoring nature she shares her story as a guest speaker at many events.

Her story is touching, enlightening and thoroughly enjoyable I encourage you to add this book to your summer reading list.  You won't regret it!

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