Sunday, 23 June 2013

A Must Read for the Summer

Elephants, Rhino's and a zoo in a war zone!

These are your summer time Must Reads

It is summer time and we hope to spend many lazy days just hanging about enjoying the glorious much awaited and much needed warmer weather. "Especially if you live in the Northern Hemisphere".

Grab a comfy chair, a cuppa tea if you must or glass of wine,  curl up for an afternoon, a day, a week or a couple of months,  of the most (I promise) fabulous reading bliss.  

Below is a brief description of 3 magnificently written books that will take you on a journey into three different parts of the world.  Written descriptively and with a great sense of humour and passion,  you will meet interesting characters, shed a tear or two (sorry), smile with delight, learn about a rescue I bet you never heard anything about and discover a world some of us may never get to see or experience (living within close contact of a rogue elephant herd and the challenges one can face with African communities and wild Africa).

Books for animal lovers, autobiography readers and lover's of Africa  "the elephant whisperer", The Last Rhinoceros and Babylon's Ark - by Lawrence Anthony with Graham Spence

All these stories are about "the Indiana Jones" of conservation Lawrence Anthony all the way from Thula Thula Game Reserve in Kwa Zulu Natal, Southern Africa.   Stories about Africa "life, loyalty and freedom of a remarkable herd of elephants" (the elephant whisperer), taking action and negotiating with one of the most dangerous men on earth to save the last northern white rhino's living in the Congo (The Last Rhino's) to the "incredible wartime rescue of the Baghdad Zoo" (Babylon's Ark).

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Almost Famous/Famous

Welcome to my very first 
Almost Famous/Famous Blog about David

This is a brief chit chat, jaw wag, nitter natter giving a "shout out" to 
Almost Famous and sometimes I think should be Famous 
places, people, trends etc blah blah. My thoughts and views 
from my perspective or fabulous experiences that 
I would like to share with you!

Yes, yes your thinking come on sweet cheeks stop babbling lets just get on with it!

Meet David  @DAVIDsTEA

who to the rest of the big wide world (outside of North America is what I mean!) is Almost Famous WHY because the rest of the world hasn't met him yet!. But if your reading this from somewhere else perhaps Russia, United Kingdom, Brazil or even South Korea, oh I do hope so because after reading this blog you will know my dear wonderful friend who I think should be very famous.

Now I drop the term Almost Famous loosely because my dear and delicious friend David is most definitely NOT Almost Famous to me or to the inhabitants of the beautiful City of Vancouver, Canada and the United States of America.  

David is one of the most delicious, tantalising, irresistible Famous friends I have and you know what,  he loves your mum too!

Any North American readers recognise David?,  perhaps having a love affair with him like myself? (oh I do love to share him)