Thursday, 24 April 2014

Flowers, Colourful, Delightful and Life

Fresh Flowers,  I am a huge huge fan.  If you think about it the gift of fresh flowers whether in a bouquet, displayed in a vase as an arrangement, or just a bunch from your local grocer (whole foods always have such a glorious choice) will bring a smile to any ladies face.  

Fresh Flowers; they are a beautiful, colourful, gratifying gift that you could give any mother, grandmother, sister, girlfriend, friend, colleague, acquaintance, client. Fresh Flowers are a true gift giving delight.  I love the look on a persons face when they receive flowers - "priceless".

What would we do without flowers?  I would certainly have an issue if they disappeared off the face of this "Big Blue Marble" in space, swoosh!!  I love flowers in my home and love to gift flowers for any reason.  Birthdays, Thank you's, I am thinking of you's and Just Because I Can.  Flowers the most appreciated gift I know.  They are so simple, so pretty, so colourful and offer a wide variety to choose from.

Roses, Geraniums, Tulips (I love Tulips), Frescia's, Hydrangeas, proteas, sunflowers oh and Orchids seriously the list can go on.  Some have a scent others don't BUT who really cares they are beautiful and I LOVE FLOWERS, who doesn't??? 

So next time you are looking for a gift idea for a lady just purchase the most gorgeous, colourful bouquet (exclude those god awful carnations) and you will be King for the Day guaranteed.

Till next time remember Fresh Flowers are a tidy gift purchase and light up any ladies life and home interior guaranteed.

Paula C

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  1. Paula, did you run the BMO half marathon this past Sunday in Vancouver? I think it may have been you that helped me cross the finish line. If it was please email me!