Monday, 15 July 2013

Juicing, not just for the healthy


fact:  There are approximately 10 000 nutrients in an apple!

fact:  Leaving the fibre (skin) of the fruit or vegetable is sometimes best when juicing (I do)!

fact:  It is always best to eat the fruit or vegetable but if you do not eat 8-10 servings minimum per day then juicing is a superb option!

fact: 80% of the time eat healthy, 20% of the time have fun with your food!

fact:  You are what you eat!

So why would you become a Juicy Lucy?

If you are not eating enough fruits and vegetables per day juicing is a superb alternative to acquiring your daily recommended amount and part of a healthy diet.

Most of us suffer from impaired digestion or digestive disorders (some due to poor dietary choices over time) juicing helps to breakdown the food prior to digestion and the nutrients are more efficiently assimilated and absorbed by the body upon consumption. 

We already know that fruits and vegetables provide an array of vitamins and minerals for a healthy body and healthy mind!  BUT if you are not eating enough (8-10 servings per day) then becoming a JUICY LUCY is a superb alternative.

For optimal health it is important to incorporate food rotation into your daily dietary schedule.  Juicing will aid in this healthy routine as you will open yourself up to a wider array of dark green leafy vegetables, root vegetables and fruits you may not choose to normally eat on a daily basis.  Doesn't this sound delicious BUT so darned easy?

Before I started juicing I thought it would be a rather big chore BUT hell no it has become my daily ritual and I am feeling more energetic and healthier than ever!

How do you get started?

It is as easy as; 1 2 3!

1.   Purchase a juicer.  I have the Nutri Bullet and the blades whip my vegetables and fruits  into a smooth operation of delectable yumminess. (The Nutri Bullet is easy to clean, BONUS!!)

2.   Purchase a variety of  vegetables and fruits (choose colour).  The Nutri Bullet provides an informative booklet on shake mixes, types of vegetables, fruits etc . OR google vegetable and fruit shake ingredient ideas.  "Think about food rotation and food combining" (I will get to that in a second for you)

3.  Choose your preferred shake mix, chop up all the goodness that sits before you, add all the additionals (e.g coconut butter, coconut water, flax seed oil, nuts etc) whiz it up with your Nutri Bullet Blender and ta da you have a nutrient rich, pre-digested smoothie that your body will not resist.  oh la la to awesome goodness!

Points to remember when choosing to be a