Wednesday, 4 December 2013


tis the season
To Be Jolly tra la la la la
and delicious over indulgence!

Living in North America truly adds to the holiday spirit for me.  We have all the elements snow, brrr weather, hot chocolate, mittens and boots, fireplaces, holiday lights to decorate our homes and egg nog.  What better way to celebrate the holidays right!!  

Absolutely marvellous is what I think and although I don't celebrate Christmas in itself you know the gift giving garb,  I do celebrate the end of another year and spend time reflecting on what was good, what was NOT SO GOOD :( , what I could do better etc and this year I have decided to set some New Year's Resolutions (and no they are not diet and exercise orientated). 
Watch for my next blog on this very topic!!

I remember as a child how sad I felt at Christmas.  As a young girl in a home where money was not easily available the holidays sure splayed a spotlight on what we didn't have and couldn't have.  Now that I am a big girl and can splurge,  I splurge all year round if I can…kinda making up for lost time probably and love to spend my caboodle on awesome stuff especially that which I can use over and over again.

So having said that "Gifts Gifts Gifts" as The Good Ole Grinch would say is what I am sure a lot of you are now on the search for?  Yes that one gift that will make your receiver oohhhh and aaahhh,  where will you find it and what will it be.  As I like to give gifts (birthdays etc) with a purpose I have one idea that I think is just splendid.  

Eclectic Vintage Bone China Tea Cups

Yes yes I know you are thinking how much more granny could I get!!  Well let me say this Grannies china is the up and coming trend of the 20th century.  But seriously "girls love to tea" and Fine China Tea Cups are making a comeback plus when Nate Berkus from Oprah says it is a grandiose idea it must be cool.

Anyhow,  I recently attended an afternoon birthday party where the host (and birthday girl Kathie) had a splendid array of the cutest and coolest Fine Bone China Tea Cups.  What was more delightful was that not one cup was the same.  There was a mishmash of designs but each tea cup and matching saucer just like our winter snowflakes were special in their own unique way.  Marvellous is all I could think and definitely eye candy for the tea drinker!!

BAM I thought what a grand idea for a gift.  Collecting Bone China Tea Cups for those special or not so special tea events (and this I now have been advised as a gift is nothing new, geez Louise where have I been!!).  Now I am not talking about visiting your local Home Sense I am talking about stalking those antique corner shops, the consignment stores that store an array of Crystal, Fine Bone China Crockery sets and more…and yes these places can be found in your city.  Google,  I tell you google it!!!

I had no idea that these type of little places even existed where you could purchase such glorious items.  As I had been thinking of collecting cute, delicate tea cups for quite some time Home Sense was the only place on my mind and until I laid my eyes on these oh so fine china "tasse de the`" (tea cup in french) with friends,  Home Sense no more antique stalking here I come.

Choosing a fine china tea cup is certainly a process I mean you don't want to purchase just for the sake of buying right!!!  Educate yourself on the various types of china,  the styles and designs available.  Porcelain, fine china and bone china (information which can be found at the bottom of the cup) are considered fine china.  The styles on offer are usually romantic  classic or modern.  Romantic is usually the flowers similar to what I have shown of my personal collection.  Turn the saucer and tea cup upside down to read what you are purchasing and always exam the piece for any imperfections remember this is a vintage piece and been around for yonks. 

So where do you go stalking for these great finds?  Well there is google which provides online services such as ebay etc.  But I have to say being able to visibly touch and see the product adds to the purchase experience.  Plus you know what you are getting.  So I would perhaps google for antique, vintage bone and fine china providers in your area or city.

Secondly what style to choose from because there is super duper kewl and super duper aarrgghhh!!   When I purchased mine I looked for romantic and classic styles the cups had to be a similar shape and size, they also had a gold or silver rim both on the cup and saucer.

You will also notice that one of my grand choices is a tea cup that does not have a white background but almost a lace effect with a romantic style (roses).  "My fav teacup of all"

Pretty eclectic vintage bone china just fabulous is what I think plus whats more fabulous is your tea set does not have to match!!

So this holiday season give the gift of "tasse de the`" and maybe visit my friend to purchase tasty tea's to go with that gorgeous vintage cuppa.

Well that is it folks tis the season to spread good cheer, love and laughter . I hope you enjoyed this much belated blog and let me know what tea cups you find.

Vintage Fine China Tea Cups are a "tidy" and a cool addition to  any tea party.

Till next time keep that cuppa "tidy"

Paula C

P.S "tidy inspirations"  cards to inspire thought and action in your everyday life.  

Holiday Images care of Google Images (Merci)

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Procastination - tidy update

tidy update

I have been out of touch for some time but am now back and will be posting shortly some great stuff

Mask It

tidy inspirations - inspirational cards to evoke thought and action
(made for orders)

tis the season of good tidings

New Years Resolutions - Not a HUGE believer in New Years Resolutions BUT I am going to set some for 2014. Stay tuned

And Buff Betty is back with a grand home workout

So please keep coming back to visit and there will be more to read

From the lazy pen of

Paula C


Friday, 15 November 2013

DIY a Crafty Business - Melted Crayola fun and creative

You may have heard or read about this fun and colourful art-o-licious DIY craft that has hit pinterest, etsy, blog posts and google images.  

I am not too sure how long it has been around for but crayola's, canvases, glue, hairdryers & more have been amongst our surroundings for yonks and  these are the tools you need to achieve your next "tidy" piece of melted crayola craftiness. 

On a recent trip to South Africa (yes I am always travelling) my girlfriend Leigh introduced me to this grand crafty idea and I decided to give it a go, share my experience in pictures and words with you and pinterest.  I am certainly very impressed with what can be achieved.  Enjoy your crafty crayola melting and do share your art, please!

Tools Required: $$ this refers to my good friend Mr Dollarama

x1 or x2 boxes Crayola -           $1.25 each - $$ 
x1 Canvas -                            $2.00 any size you please (I used a 8x10) $$
Glue -                                    $1.25 - $$
Sharpener -                            $1.25 - $$ (to sharpen ends for off cuts)
Dragon Fly's                            $2.00 - $$
Recollections Embossing Dryer - $15.99 Michael's with a 50% coupon (never shop without your coupon ammunition)

Step One:

Lay out everything you need.  Ensure you are working on a covered surface cause it can get messy.

Step Three:

Keep the canvas on a flat surface. Once your crayola is glued and dry start blowing away.  

Start by pointing the blow dryer toward the middle of the crayola. 
Keep a bit of a distance from the crayola or it splatters crayon all over.  
Be slow and steady and watch the crayon melt and start running down your canvas.
As I did not have the paper on I was able to melt the whole crayon for further effect.

I did bit by bit so that I was also able to move (angle) the canvas about to change the flow of crayon.  Blow drying from the front also gets the tips dripping beautifully.

With my canvas I was placing the dragon fly's at the end as I did not want to get crayola all over them but had prior to starting the melting process marked where they would be placed on the canvas. *I have noted that some of the pictures or editorials completing this work show the picture/artwork painted or placed prior to melting and covered with painters tape (I struggled with this during my first hodge podge flop :-( lol) - sooooo I leave it in your "tidy"hands

You can let the crayola sit as high up the canvas or as low down as you please all depends on what art work you have or will be drawing, painting or placing at the end.

Step Four:  

Glue your additions onto your canvas, paint your art work/picture or just leave your canvas a beautiful array of melted crayola colour.  Wunderba!!

Being Creative is a Calming Outlet

Food for my Soul!

My Meditation, My Yoga

Well that is it folks.  Give this a whirl or NOT!! But either way I hoped you enjoyed and remember creativity and melted crayola artwork is  a "tidy" and fun craft. Adios!

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