Monday, 22 September 2014

Half Marathon - Paula Lamb

                                                                                       Picture courtesy of google images

PART ONE         

It's 07.00 am on a Sunday morning, I roll over to sit on the edge of my bed, slowly I flex and extend my feet.   My heels ache I suffer from Plantar Fasciatis.  Placing my feet on the hard wood floors I begin to do the runners shuffle that's what I call it these days, you know when your legs are stiff and achey,   calves ache and for me heels sore and you struggle to walk normally.  I shuffle over to the bathroom glare at myself in the mirror with a glint of a smile "morning sunshine" its that time again - run forest run.  

Time and again we read stories of grand achievement.  The challenges, courage, determination, trials and tribulations humans have faced to get to that finish line however far or close it had been. But you certainly don't have to climb Mt Everest to feel that emotional pang of delight in your heart as you cross your finish line.  

During this year of 2014 I have discovered, learnt and felt this very pang of pure delight and pride.  Not only have I met the physical challenges that I set before me, I have also discovered a whole lot about runners, people, life and myself.  

I hope this blog about my achievement will inspire you to get up off that sofa and just do it,  whatever it may be!.

My name is Paula C and I proudly share 
My 2014 story!

 Happy New Year - Whistler  01-01-2014

It's January 5th, 2014 a new year is upon us and time to set New Year Goals!   Let me set the mood about the day that changed my 2014 year ahead.  I live in North America its pretty chilly out.  Here we sit my husband and I, he a natural runner 5K, 10K easy peasy and me not an avid runner,  not a sausage BUT physically fit and a sound fitness foundation that stems back to my early 20's.  I sit with my laptop open on our kitchen counter glaring at the Internet page of The BMO Marathon,  race day May 4th, 2014.  I know your thinking how did we get here all these half marathons later.  Good question I get asked that a lot !