Saturday, 25 May 2013


From mundane workout to absolutely insane
Sweat Fests  
Ready       Set        Go !   
Cross Fit, Insanity, Interval Training re-invented 
has hit the fitness world 
" WAM BAM"!  

(Buff Betty Bootcamp Workout at the end)    

From sweaty, breathless, fat blasting, strength building WOD(workouts of the day).  There is a new/re-invented exercise phenomenon engulfing the world of fitness and most definitely the new workout kid on the block.  

Now you either are nodding your head in agreement or thinking what the heck is Paula C talking about.  WOD is a "tidy sweat fest business" and I encourage you to have a go - if you dare!

From jump chins, burpees, froggers, pushup's and more the body will enter into a Sweaty Betty euphoria of absolute fat blasting,  extreme and insane workout brilliance. Yes, you may want to vomit at the end BUT this is good! "I think"

I AM IN LOVE!! with my new sweat fest journey..
P.S keep reading cause there is a sweat journey at the end!

Having exercised in fitness facilities for the past 24 years,  I have taught myself everything I know today by Certifying as a Personal Exercise/Lifestyle Coach & Group Fitness Instructor, read the books on the many varieties of workouts and exercises available plus read cover to cover the Muscle & Fitness and Oxygen Fitness magazines.

BUT with all of this knowledge under my lycra gym pant belt I realized, hey I have hit a major exercise BOREDOM bump in my regular workout routines!! (sound familiar) and so began my journey of physical fitness enlightenment.

Google;  Insanity, Tabatha, Interval and Cross Fit workouts and you will find a plethora of fresh, new, fun, exhilarating, breathlessly tiresome, muscle burning, power building, fat blasting exercises; "BOOM"

With a little help from my friend "You Tube" & a dash of my own knowledge and expertise,  I have designed my own 20, 30 minute and longer sweat fest workouts.  

Do I sense an interest! If your keen to burn 250 - 600+ calories then give this Buff Betty sweat fest workout a go! You can complete either a 20, 30 or 50 minute routine.

** This is an intense workout for 
Intermediate to Advanced Exerciser's ONLY!
GENTS I invite you to give this a go! 

Sweat Fest Gear Requirement;
Skipping Rope(you may want it),Timer (I use Everlast),dumbbells (3lbs - 15lbs)

1.  Set your timer to 50 Second GO with 10 Second REST 
2.  Complete each Group of exercises once,  1 minute break is    
    included at set 3 so that you will give 150% max push    
    during each set. If you do not wish to take a break, continue 
    with the OR exercise stated in set OR cardio (I love to skip)
3.  Each set is 5 minutes
4.  Start with a 5 minute steady paced cardio warm up (skip, 
    bicycle,treadmill, elliptical trainer etc)always include a 
    warm up prior to workout as well as ensuring your upper body, 
    hips and knees are warm. 

This is a 25-30 minute workout. You may shorten by removing one or two sets of exercises or lengthen by repeating each set twice before moving onto the next set to make for a "tidy" 50 minute routine. In the 50 minute workout complete a 10 minute cardio warm up first.  

* I have added a dumbbell weight that I would use, 
choose a weight that will 
challenge you!
*Google; any exercises you do not know how to perform. 

BUFF BETTY BOOTCAMP                          
25 Minute Interval Workout #1

Set One: 50 Second Go, 10 second Rest
Alt high knee lateral jumps 8lbs 
Squat, knee lift with bicep curl  10lbs - 12lbs (alt knee lift)
Burpee, spider (no pushup)
Standing Shoulder Press into Triceps overhead extensions (you may add a squat if you wish) 10lbs+
Abdominal Crunch 

Set Two: 50 Second Go, 10 Second Rest
5 Jump Squats, 5 Normal Squats (add weight if you wish 8lbs+)
Push-ups with alt shoulder touch
Alt(5)Mountain Climbers(5)Plank jumping jacks(5)Twisting Pistons
Alt Front & Side deltoid raises 8-10lbs+
Plank with alt (5) knee taps & (5) hip taps OR Skip

Set Three: 50 Seconds Go, 10 Second Rest
High Knee jumps
Bent over rows 12lbs+
Burpee with tricep push up & spider
Reverse Crunches
1 minute rest OR Jumping Jacks 5lbs OR Skip

Set Four(five exercises last set): 50 Seconds Go, 10 Second Rest
Jump lunges (8lbs) use weight if you wish 
Bent over rows with alt Tricep kickbacks 8-10lbs+
Plank hold count(5), Roll to windmill left side, hip raise 5, Roll to windmill right side, hip raise 5 times 
Burpee, push up, spider, push up, (5) mountain climbers 

    You did it! Your Buff Betty Sweat Fest is Done and Done!
      Would love to hear your workout results and feedback

Heart Rate Log

Stretch; glutes (whale tale), hamstrings, lower back, hip flexors, quads, calves, upper body

Till next time remember your health is a "tidy business"!

Paula C 

** Disclosure; This workout is for the fit only and those who have been passed by their doctor to exercise.  It is not a workout for the faint hearted or beginners. Please take care at all times during your workout,  we encourage only correct form and technique during workouts. Take breaks if and when required, should you feel faint at any point please do not continue with the workout.

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