Thursday, 13 June 2013

Almost Famous/Famous

Welcome to my very first 
Almost Famous/Famous Blog about David

This is a brief chit chat, jaw wag, nitter natter giving a "shout out" to 
Almost Famous and sometimes I think should be Famous 
places, people, trends etc blah blah. My thoughts and views 
from my perspective or fabulous experiences that 
I would like to share with you!

Yes, yes your thinking come on sweet cheeks stop babbling lets just get on with it!

Meet David  @DAVIDsTEA

who to the rest of the big wide world (outside of North America is what I mean!) is Almost Famous WHY because the rest of the world hasn't met him yet!. But if your reading this from somewhere else perhaps Russia, United Kingdom, Brazil or even South Korea, oh I do hope so because after reading this blog you will know my dear wonderful friend who I think should be very famous.

Now I drop the term Almost Famous loosely because my dear and delicious friend David is most definitely NOT Almost Famous to me or to the inhabitants of the beautiful City of Vancouver, Canada and the United States of America.  

David is one of the most delicious, tantalising, irresistible Famous friends I have and you know what,  he loves your mum too!

Any North American readers recognise David?,  perhaps having a love affair with him like myself? (oh I do love to share him)  

So who is David?   The Almost Famous, Famous tea lovers paradise.  

He has an irresistible aroma offering delectable flavours to choose from.  He is ravishingly tasty, spicy, nutty, fruity and includes a dash of petit au chocolate to delight your taste buds. 

Set your lush lips upon his tea cup and you will never be able to resist him again.   Have him Straight, Up, Iced (so yummy for the summer) or Au lait.
What can we say but  "Oh la la" 

David, Vancouver's Famous and the worlds Almost Famous tea lovers paradise.  You are simply irresistible!

Have I wet those taste bud's or sparked an interest if so I invite you to go take a look at his website;

David is most definitely an irresistible "tidy business" I encourage you to have a love affair with him too, a love affair you certainly won't regret! He also offers an array of other tidy bits!

Till next time remember all that is about you can be a "tidy business".

Paula C

P.S Paula C of tidy business is not a team member, nor related in anyway to David's tea except a customer who is in love with him because he makes her day.  The thoughts and words that dribble across this page are the writers own.

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