Friday, 15 November 2013

DIY a Crafty Business - Melted Crayola fun and creative

You may have heard or read about this fun and colourful art-o-licious DIY craft that has hit pinterest, etsy, blog posts and google images.  

I am not too sure how long it has been around for but crayola's, canvases, glue, hairdryers & more have been amongst our surroundings for yonks and  these are the tools you need to achieve your next "tidy" piece of melted crayola craftiness. 

On a recent trip to South Africa (yes I am always travelling) my girlfriend Leigh introduced me to this grand crafty idea and I decided to give it a go, share my experience in pictures and words with you and pinterest.  I am certainly very impressed with what can be achieved.  Enjoy your crafty crayola melting and do share your art, please!

Tools Required: $$ this refers to my good friend Mr Dollarama

x1 or x2 boxes Crayola -           $1.25 each - $$ 
x1 Canvas -                            $2.00 any size you please (I used a 8x10) $$
Glue -                                    $1.25 - $$
Sharpener -                            $1.25 - $$ (to sharpen ends for off cuts)
Dragon Fly's                            $2.00 - $$
Recollections Embossing Dryer - $15.99 Michael's with a 50% coupon (never shop without your coupon ammunition)

Step One:

Lay out everything you need.  Ensure you are working on a covered surface cause it can get messy.

Step Three:

Keep the canvas on a flat surface. Once your crayola is glued and dry start blowing away.  

Start by pointing the blow dryer toward the middle of the crayola. 
Keep a bit of a distance from the crayola or it splatters crayon all over.  
Be slow and steady and watch the crayon melt and start running down your canvas.
As I did not have the paper on I was able to melt the whole crayon for further effect.

I did bit by bit so that I was also able to move (angle) the canvas about to change the flow of crayon.  Blow drying from the front also gets the tips dripping beautifully.

With my canvas I was placing the dragon fly's at the end as I did not want to get crayola all over them but had prior to starting the melting process marked where they would be placed on the canvas. *I have noted that some of the pictures or editorials completing this work show the picture/artwork painted or placed prior to melting and covered with painters tape (I struggled with this during my first hodge podge flop :-( lol) - sooooo I leave it in your "tidy"hands

You can let the crayola sit as high up the canvas or as low down as you please all depends on what art work you have or will be drawing, painting or placing at the end.

Step Four:  

Glue your additions onto your canvas, paint your art work/picture or just leave your canvas a beautiful array of melted crayola colour.  Wunderba!!

Being Creative is a Calming Outlet

Food for my Soul!

My Meditation, My Yoga

Well that is it folks.  Give this a whirl or NOT!! But either way I hoped you enjoyed and remember creativity and melted crayola artwork is  a "tidy" and fun craft. Adios!

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