Thursday, 22 August 2013

SUPER YACHT VACATIONS - Living the life of the mega rich "what our dreams are made of"!

It enters the mind of many (me) or
perhaps only a few!!                                                                                 

"What would it be like to board a super yacht and live the lifestyle of the 
uber rich"?  

The ultra rich summer holiday of choice is oftentimes, as we see when browsing magazines such as;  People, US Weekly, Grazia and the like - is super yachting the Mediterranean and Caribbean!  

Famous faces such as Seal, Simon Cowell, Leonardo Di Caprio, Roberta Cavalli,  Uma Thurman,  Beyonce and more are photographed by the paparazzi  during their fabulous vaca's,  vacation's we can only day dream about!!!!  

"Well this believe it or not peeps became my life for a minuscule 4 days and 
here is my unforgettable story in words AND pictures"!

Who, how and why I was afforded this unforgettable experience has to be one of my best kept secrets BUT what I will share is that it is absolutely marvellously, fabulously, fantorgasmic.  Each moment upon this ultra luxurious, waited on hand and foot vaca was a once in a lifetime opportunity I certainly won't forget. (gosh I did behave myself so hope I get another invite)

Welcome to my vacation hot spot a 150 ft super yacht (see picture top left hand side).  After taking 3 international flights  and boarding in Olbia, Sardinia I travelled with other great people into the ocean of the Mediterranean.

Now I know you wonder so what did I do upon this luxurious vessel - 
abssooollluttely NOTHING!!  Some RNR is a must!!

I lapped up every smidgen of luxury, paddled in the tiniest of canoes around the Southern part of the Lavezzi Islands about 10km off the coast of Corsica and became a heat scorched sweaty betty from doing a short hike on the Northern Sector (pic below).  
"Smashing, eye popping and an enjoyable experience"!!

Now as my hosts love to stay active during their vacation upon their luxury vessel,  we did continue to explore by hiking mountain terrains (with other fun guests) 
and more at every opportunity.

And then we rest our weary legs for a super duper, much needed lunch in a quaint little town on the Island of Sardinia (name cannot remember but the local hospitality was grand)

and dowse our thirst with an ice cold Coca Cola!!

What else do we do, visit fabulous spots such as Bonifacio, Corsica

We enter the harbour through this narrow,  rocky eye catching causeway and become enveloped by an ultra energetic hub which is jam packed with mega super yachts, sailing boats, ferries, tourista and more.  

Whilst awaiting our docking spot we were almost side swiped by an Italian driven humongous ferry "yikkees" is all I could think at the time - "watch out this thing costs Mmmmmillions and take cover"!!!

The harbour staff speed about in their powered dingy 
aiding these multi million dollar luxurious vessels into their sleeping spot for the night.   

"Italians are crazy drivers even in the 
water we discovered"

Once sitting safe and cosy between the line up of super yachts.  We prepare ourselves for an evening out as the tourists begin their boardwalk eyeing each yacht wondering exactly who, how and what is aboard this fabulous vessel.  "ME FOLKS ME"  for once in my life I sat and peered down at the viewers and thought gosh how often has it been me standing viewing, oohhiinng and aaahhhing thinking wowie what it must be like to be upon that fabulous vessel!! 

"Well here I am and it is magical !!"

Spotted - a friendly Spar  
South Africans you will 
have a chuckle I am sure.........

The view of the yachts at night snuggly nestled next to each other were quite a 
spectacular view with the lights laying across the ocean harbour floor.  

The vessel I was on is on the far left with the blue lights.  Pretty cool huh!!

Bonifacio (a grand and popular spot) offers magnificent ocean and land views 
which stir the blood.

Grandiose Ocean Vistas
Bonifacio in the distance
Sunshine, blue sky and heat!!
Jagged edged mountain views
And the finest fish dishes in town

A paradise in the Mediterranean!

This is all I can share folks an adventure tried and tested by many on a regular occasion BUT only visual by us in our wildest dreams and desires.  

Super yachting is most definately no questions asked a very very tidy business!!  

Till next time Ciao.  xoxo

Paula C

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