Friday, 2 August 2013

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Meet Buff Betty's Friend! 
*Briar shares a bootcamp workout at the end 

Briar E Davis
Personal Trainer
Group Fitness Instructor
Briar the bootcamp bombshell, volleyball playing, URBAN HiiT, booty kicking, personal trainer who is I proudly say my very own bootcamp trainer!!  She motivates, inspires and sets a major sweat fest each & every workout    GUARANTEED!!

Besides a cuppa coffee 20oz at least & a short cardio session to start her day, Briar's fav muscle to train; wait for it .......the glutes!! (oh a girl after my own heart) & detests chest huh!! "is that why we do so many pushups we need to chat  about this Briar"!

Inspired by her own Personal Trainer four years ago to move into the fitness industry,  Briar's favourite type of workout is bootcamps a group fitness environment she says "that is  challenging, motivating, hard work & inspiring as a team".  

From a Nike Running Shoe fetish, to loving to eat anything with tomatoes or tomato flavour, playing guitar only in the presence of a camp fire is what makes this girl tick.  

Besides her fetishes, almost driving off the road during her first driving lesson with dad,  something else she shared is if you ever need to give your feet a breather Briar has a pair of Flip flops in her purse just for that.  (joking the flip flops are for her feet only!!)

Want to try her ass kicking work out visit;
Based here in The Beautiful City of Vancouver, B.C.  Canada!.

* Points to note: This is a one hour workout.  Complete 10 repetitions of each exercise and repeat the whole workout through as many times as possible include the cardio every 4 minutes during the hour.  Good luck!!
  1. Choose a heavier weight to start and drop to a lighter weight when feeling fatigue set in.  This is the best way to make  muscular and body shape changes and challenge your body! 
  2. DB next to the exercise means use one or two Dumbbells
  3. If you don't know the exercise use my friend google
  4. Always remember injury prevention is key, so rest when you need to!
  5. Drink water during your workout
  6. Change your posture alignment as your body fatigues e.g pushups off knees,  marching on the spot 
  7. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY is key with any workout program!!
Briar's Bootcamp Sweat Fest
Ready   Set   Go!!

I hope you enjoyed your workout. Till next time!

Remember bootcamp  classes are a "tidy business"

Paula C

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