Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Detoxification is a "tidy" business

Spring has sprung and a need of shedding entwines the body, the mind and your closet.

Clear the clutter, detox your life, shed the excess, relieve the stressors and come out the other end fit and fabulously beautiful inside and out.

Where do we begin; 

Detoxification of the body inside and out;  I highly recommend a herbal detoxification.  HOW???????

Dr Terry Willards - Wild Rose Herbal Detox available from most food stores and lasts only 12 days. (can extend the time frame if you so wish)

Detoxing of the internal should also be a part of your yearly spring clean and I recommend it for most healthiesh individuals.  If you are on any form of medication or unsure if you are able to proceed with this form of detoxification please consult your GP first.

Herbal D-Tox whole body cleanse for 12 days is a superb way to cleanse the body of unnecessary toxicity, rejuvenate the skin, internal organs and mind.  It will help to eliminate cravings for foods such as sugar, simple carbohydrates and caffeine.

Prior to beginning this program I had already eliminated wheat and replaced it with gluten free breads and cereals, coffee was replaced with herbal teas and dairy milk with almond milk.  This type of elimination prior to starting your detox which I highly recommend will help to eliminate unnecessary allergens in the body and certainly ease the continued removal of such products once you begin your Herbal D-Tox.

What can you eat whilst detoxing; A diet booklet is enclosed for your perusal and the help desk for Wild Rose responds quite quickly to any questions you may have along the way.  Visit the Wild Rose website for loads of information about the product.

What is in the box; diet booklet,  3 different types of herbal tablets and drops which are all taken with meals (breakfast and dinner).  The above is one of the reasons I enjoyed using this product it was an easy fit into my daily schedule... easy peasy!!

Day's one through to four were my most difficult.  Cravings, hunger (not because I was hungry just a mind over matter issue), headache, lethargy and a little nausea.  This folks is normal and if you just persist over the hump by day 5 you will feel a change.....I guarantee.  Why you ask would you have these symptoms?  They are the common detoxification symptoms and a sign that your body is eliminating the unnecessary.

By day 12 I felt fantastic my mind was clearer, energy levels up and absolutely elated to run through that finish line.  I did exercise from day 5 onwards and found that although I was eliminating,  my energy levels soured so exercise is fine if you feel up to it. 

My Conclusion - detoxifying the body is a good practice to complete at least twice a year (no Gywneth Paltrow extremes necessary).  It helps the body to eliminate unecessary toxic load, increase energy levels, cell rejuvenation and a wonderfully clear mind with little if any cravings for the naughty stuff after.

So go on; detox I highly recommend Herbal Rose D-Tox if I can do it you can too....x

Happy Detoxing (load up on the 2 ply loo paper) and remember 'it's a tidy business"

Paula C

P.S;  these are the thoughts and experiences of the writer. The writer takes no responsibility for anyone else's irresponsibility when consuming products without prior consent of a health care practitioner if so required....

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