Monday, 11 March 2013

Tidy but Confusing

Here it is, here I am my first Blog Spot whoot whoot  yikkeeessss. Confusing to set-up I have to say easier than twitter but non the less daunting and confusing!

A Chair Massage Colleague Eric Brown creator of "Relax to the Max",  in 2012 challenged many of us in the massage industry to write a blog for 31 days.  I skimmed over the idea, mulled it about in my head, read the blogs of those who committed and along came December 2012 and I still had not made my own commitment.  Commitment can be difficult (in many situations) blogging, nutrition, exercise, spring cleaning, house work, taxes the list can go on... 

BUT here I am!! what can I say I am a late bloomer and can be quite the procrastinator (as I sit and write this I should be doing my taxes aarrggghhhh!!!) BUT I am here and hope to write about many interesting topics.  

My blog topics will touch on fitness, nutrition, fashion (of course I am a girl) books, movies pretty much whatever tickles my interest and fancy.

2013 is the year for me to connect through all the media feeds I can find starting with 31 blogs (better late than never huh!).  I have decided though that I will complete the task over 31 weeks with 1 or more blogs per week and at the same time start dabbling on twitter Paula C:  @tidybusiness

I shall keep you posted. And if anyone reads this please hit reply and say hello anyone!  ......Maybe!

"Remember everything can be a tidy business" 
Paula C

Definition:  "tidy" - clean, neat, cool, fabulous, good looking, fantastic, suave

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